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About the Show

It’s the classic story of a love triangle: a sweet blonde, a sexy brunette, and an ever-so-confused redhead. Set in 1996, the musical begins with Alex accidentally asking both Cathy and Erica to prom. When the girls find out, they demand he choose which one he wants to embark on his future with – girl-next-door Cathy or sophisticated Erica?

Who's it gonna be? Just wait and see!


Meet The Gang

The gang is back! Alex is in trouble and he needs his hot-dog-loving best friend Parker to bail him out ... again. But Parker's got problems of his own, since that pesky Esther keeps sneaking up on him all the time!

Randy is Alex's biggest rival, since he's also got his sights set on Erica. And while Dexter can solve the toughest trigonometry problems, he can't seem to solve his own love problems.


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